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Our Services
Our company can offer a full set of specialized services covering a wide range of the today business world. Our range of services encompasses:

  • Accounting Advisory Services
  • Corporate Finance & Restructuring
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Private Equity Advisory Services
  • RES Project Development & Services

Our Mission
We are committed to the provision of consistent, tailored made and workable solutions to our clients coupled with the highest level of efficiency, professionalism and technology. We target to maintaining ourselves among the top tier in the respective field of services and build a clientele that stems from the top global players in their respective fields of practice.
Our Expertise
Our involvement through the years in the various business issues of our clients has allowed us to build an expertise in the fields of our practice. The qualified services of our experienced professionals enable us to develop new ideas and solutions in an efficient level that in turn assist our clients to meet their respective goals.

Renewable Energy
Logiware has built an expertise in the Greek and European renewable energy sector, including photovoltaic, wind energy, solar thermal, biomass and biodiesel. Given its in depth understanding of the legal and regulatory framework, subsidies scheme, technology and operating specifics, the specialist team of Logiware can take advantage of its extensive contacts, strong relationships with major players, and comprehensive proprietary license and application databases. Logiware offers 'one-stop', 'one-shop' services for strategic or financial investors wishing to enter the renewable energy market in Greece. Logiware also provides a wide array of financial solutions regarding investments in this sector.

Today, LOGIWARE has earned a remarkable reputation among its clientele and enjoys its trust and goodwill. Our company will constantly make sure to stay at the top of the vibrant changing economy world for it to be in the position to provide the most consistent and prompt quality services. We are not only able to offer 'one-stop' 'one-shop' services, but also we make sure to regularly and timely upgrade knowledge and increase awareness.


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